1. Nutrition Supplements / Study Materials distribution program for Children from Slum  

          In Puducherry approx 50 lakh families are living under Blow Poverty Line (BPL) or Low Income Group and they are not able to provide proper food and education to their children. Due to this they are suffering from so many diseases such as TB, Maleria etc.Health and Education are the importance component of services of Sharon Society of Pondicherry. So, we started a Nutrition Supplements and Study Materials distribution program for the children living in slums.Under program we are providing study materials such as Notebooks, Bags, Shoes,Uniforms, etc and also sponsoring school / tuition fees, vocational training courses fees to school / college going students.Last year around 75 families have been benefited under this program. 


2. Vocational Training Programs for Women Development

              There is an increasing number of ultra-poor, poor and vulnerable who are facing the challenge of their subsistence and survival among fishing &labour communities in Puducherry. The reluctance of the youth in pursuing their traditional profession is a challenge which is faced by youth of these communities due to lack of opportunities to earn sufficient incomes to survive at the minimum levels of living standards. Sharon Society of Pondicherry took an initiative by providing Skill Development Trainings. Under the program we are providing embroidery & tailoring trainings to rural and coastal adolescent girls, young women and widows etc. This program has opened new avenues of income generation as regular livelihood means for the deprived. So far, 30 females have been benefited under the program and now 15 adolescent girls & women (2 batches) are undergoing training in tailoring and embroidery. We are distributed sewing machines to poor women, young girls who are interested to start own tailoring shops through our funds generated activity with the support of our individuals donors. / Public contributions.



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