Our planet only having an environment, which supports life cycle, without these we are just like other planets no humans, no animals, no birds etc. So, each of us have responsibility to save the environment.Sharon Society of Pondicherry started a Community based environment program in the rural, urban Villages of Pondicherry / Tamil Nadu. Every year in the month of October, we are organizing an awareness and outreach program in collaboration with Department of Science and Technology, Pondicherry Pollution Control Committee (PPCC) & C.P.R. Environment Education Centre, Chennai. 



Last year, on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanty (Birthday), we organized an outreach program under “Swaach Bharat Abhiyan”. During the program around 100 volunteers from Collage & school, 5 NGOs, 3 Self-Help-Groups (SHGs) and general public are participating. We collect 100 kg plastic bottles and other wastage from Kurunji Nagar & Beaches of Pondicherry.Day by day some natural resources are getting reduced i.g. for making papers; we are cutting millions of trees, which is increasing air pollution and chances of fled. So, Recycling is also a very important component to save the environment. Sharon Society of Pondicherry took an initiative to motive the people / teenage to plant the trees.


This year, we organized an Ozone Awareness Day program in collaboration withDepartment of Science and Technology, Pondicherry Pollution Control Committee (PPCC) for school going children. Scientist, Mr.Vinod was invited as a resource person. He gave a speech on importance of ozone layer and strongly recommended use of environment friendly life style. During the program around 100 trees were distributed into teenage / youth. The school students also took oath to plant these trees in their respective residential areas / schools. 


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