HIV/AIDS (Care & Support) Program

Due to lack of understanding of infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, TB, & Malaria, and limited healthcare facilities, many people are facing health challenges in Pondicherry. In 2006, SHARON Society of Pondicherry took an initiative to disseminate knowledge about the risk factors associated with these diseases. We works with vulnerable populations, such as auto drives, self-helps groups, fishing market workers, chemical industries workers, homeless people and their families, and also providing Counselling, Care and Support. Since last 10 years, (every month) Sharon Society of Pondicherry providing nutritional support, medical care, and educational support for positive parents to reach out to more HIV negative children of HIV affected parents to ensure a positive future. Approx. 45-55 families got benefits through this initiative.


The program focuses on producing peer educators who will arouse family sympathy with the family members of those HIV (+) people and also among the general public in the industrial areas. Apart from aids and services we are giving IEC materials, Visual presentations, group meetings, demos, case presentations, referral service consultancy and care consultancy. 


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