There is an increasing number of ultra-poor, poor and vulnerable who are facing the challenge of their subsistence and survival among fishing and working community in Puducherry. The reluctance of the youth in pursuing their traditional profession is a challenge which is faced by youth of these communities due to lack of opportunities to earn incomes sufficient enough to survive at the minimum levels of living standards. Sharon took up this challenge by providing skill development needs of the women have resulted in SHARON SOCIETY OF PONDICHERRY putting up vocational training programs in tailoring and embroidery for the young women and adolescent girls, and vehicle / auto driving and maintenance for young men groups. Our livelihood enhancement program was launched to promote improved livelihoods security for the ultra-poor groups/communities in the target areas through imparting innovative and marketable entrepreneurial skills and providing them the required financial resources.

            The vocational training generated tremendous appeal to the community’s youth and so far the trades of tailoring, embroidery, auto driving and maintenance of vehicles, etc have gained importance and creating self employment by means of micro enterprises for boosting income generation for the stake holders to a great extent.


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