Women Empowerment & Panchyat raj 

 SHARON SOCIETY OF PONDICHERRY with the assistance of eminent professors and workers in Panchyat Raj Institutions (Local Administration) has evinced a program to make the women empowered through proper utilization of Panchayat raj institutions and laws.

The Panchyat Raj rules provide the women with ample opportunities to stand for their causes effectively. The women headed panchyats have been doing tremendous services to the community. Even then, the women are reluctant to fight for their rights in time and at the appropriate levels. Hence a comprehensive capacity building exercise on panchyat raj rules becomes necessary and SHARON SOCIETY  OF PONDICHERRY has so far built up the capacity of 180 women from 4 Communes and 2 Municipal areas in Pudhucherry through its capacity building trainings. We provide income generation opportunities to needy women, so that they can live a life of honour and educate their children. More over we train them in wellness, hygiene, daily management, etc. 








The training components covered are: Awareness on Legal Status of Women, Rights of women, Leadership skills, Panchayat Raj Systems and Electoral Procedures, Training to Women SHG Leaders, Training to Panchayat Level Federation (PLF) leaders of women, Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) Exercises, Awareness Generation through street theatres, by leaflets and pamphlets and Special Training to local body elected members and dissemination of panchyat raj system information through the trained women members.