In 2008, Sharon Society of Pondicherry started an Old Age Home called “Pushpagandhi” at  No.  41,  3rdCross,  Kurinji  Nagar,  Lawspet,  Puducherry.  Our  mission  is  to  work  with marginalized  sections  of  the  society  towards  their  empowerment  and  enable  them  to  evolve  a vision of an alternative society.

     The Objective of “Pushpagandhi” Old Age Home is to take care of old age people who are neglected by their families, women & men with chronic diseases, economically incapable, victims of elder abuse etc. Old Age Home is being managed professionally by experienced social workers, nurses and part time medical officer.

The following services are provided at our Old Age Home: – 

Physiotherapy –  A Physiotherapist is visiting everyday and teaching exercises to each inmate. All inmates are more physically active and learned number of exercises through this activity.

Library – We have a small library for those who are interested in reading Newspapers, stories books, religious books like – Bible, Bhagwat Geeta, articles etc.

Counseling– We are conducting counselling  sessions for those who are depressed due to their families’ issues. We are also providing counseling to the  family’s  members  of our old  age  people  for  making  them  for  understand  the  emotional  needs  of  elderly  people.The  Counselor  plays  a  role  in  collecting  feedback  and  getting  suggestions  from  senior citizens.


Recreational activities – Frequently, we are conducting picnics, short tours on beaches, temples  and  other  places  of  Pondicherry/Tamil  Nadu  for  keeping  their  mind  sharp  and physically active. We are also making them to involve with children of Sharon Creche (according to their choice).







      It has become very common phenomenon for extended families and friends to be separated by great distances. New job opportunities force the adult children to move away from home. However, at some point in their lives, our parents, grandparents or a loved one will become unable to properly care for themselves. Suddenly they are faced the challenges of long distance care giving. We at Pushpagandhi Old Age Home manage plenty of such situations and make life easier for children who are worried about the parents’ health and for their welfare. 

SENIOR CITIZENS WELLBEING CENTRE– Sharon Society of Pondicherry concentrates more on the welfare and health issues of aged people. Under Sharon Society of Pondicherry we are running a Day Care Centre for the aged to provide therapies and medical attention. Everyday around 10 aged people visit our centre from the nearby villages and get all basic needs from our centre. One doctor and one physiotherapist regularly give therapy and medical attention to the needy aged people.