“Sharon Special School” for the Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities

 In 2011, Sharon Society of Pondicherry started a special school called “Sharon Special School” at No. 16, 2nd main road Kurinji Nagar, Lawspet Puducherry with a deep passion to meet the special needs of Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities. At we have 22 children with special needs. So far 25 children with special needs have been benefited.


Sports Activities- We all know that sports have numbers of physical and mental benefits. So, it’s importantfor each of us. Similarly, Sports have importance in Persons with Disabilities (PwDs)’s life. Sports can give them a goal in their life’s and can improve their potential. Every day (1 hour) we are taking them out (parks / grounds) to practice running, jumping etc.


Vocational Training for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs)- In the year 2013, A Vocational Training unit was set-up to provide on the job trainings,financial support for Persons with Disabilities through stipends. Now, around 20 PwDs are getting training for making door mate, candles, Diyas, handicraft jewellery etc.


Apart from our regular services i.e. Special Education, Physiotherapy, & Mobility; we are also providing the following services:-

 Speech Therapy- We started Speech Therapy for those, children who are feeling difficulties in speaking or not able to express their feeling in words. Our professional qualified Speech Therapist using various techniques for best results. At present, 5 children are getting speech therapy; out of 22.

 Occupational Therapy-We believe that each & every child should be self-independent in their daily living activities. Occupational Therapy help children and adults to acquire the skills, which are needed to perform their daily living activities. So, we initiate this service at our special school. Now, all 22 children are getting occupational therapy.


 Parents Counselling- Monthly twice, we are conducting parents counseling sessions for the parents / relatives of children with special needs to share their worries and trying to give them a hope through making them to understand potential of their children.


              Contact Detail (Address)
              No, 16, 2nd Main Road
              Kurunji Nagar, Lawspet,
              Puducherry -605008
              Ph: 0413-2253718 – Cell : 097514 20302