Self Help Groups (SHGs) – Income Generation Program for Women

Self Help Groups (SHGs) are formed basically to provide economic strength to women in the marginal societies. For past several years our SHGs have been beneficiaries of banks, and getting ample amount of loans. SHGs members used the money for small vending. SHGs are also used by Sharon Society to create awareness among women on HIV/AIDS, health issues, income generation activities, etc. Apart from getting them loans from banks, we provided SHG’s women training in various fields, so that they can efficiently use the loan money. Our training effort includes:

– Capacity Building for newly formed SHGs Office Bearers

– Leadership Training for SHGs Members

– Land rights awareness campaign

– Savings and Credit for Micro enterprises through Banks

– Skill Training for Self Employment

– Harnessing Government Welfare schemes for the most vulnerable groups

– Accounting, book keeping, etc.

The training components covered are:

– Awareness on Legal Status of Women, Rights of Women, Leadership Skills, Training to Women SHGs Leaders, Awareness Generation through street theatres by leaflets and pamphlets through the trained women members.

“Snehan” Project

“Snehan” the word derived from classical language Tamil means “friend”, we want to be a friend for the needy aged people and rescue abandoned elderly people from the street. For the past eleven years we are seeing so many elderly people on the street without basic amenities and suffering with various diseases and disabilities. To rescue those abandoned people we have started Snehan project under Sharon Society of Pondicherry. Almost every day we are getting calls from the police officials, doctors, general public and other social welfare organizations to rescue the elderly people from the streets. For the last 7 years we have rescued many abandoned people from the street in a very pathetic condition in and around Puducherry. We have mostly admitted in our old age home and provide all the basic needs. If their health condition is worst then we admit them in other organizations with medical facilities. During For the past seven years we have rescued more than 50 people from the streets.